Hibernate queries sometimes return multiple tuples

Hibernate queries sometimes return tuples of objects. Each tuple is returned as an array: Iterator kittensAndMothers = sess.createQuery( “select kitten, mother from Cat kitten join kitten.mother mother”) .list() .iterator(); while ( kittensAndMothers.hasNext() ) { Object[] tuple = (Object[]) kittensAndMothers.next(); Cat kitten = (Cat) tuple[0]; Cat mother = (Cat) tuple[1]; …. …

Changing Oracle XE’s Passwords

My app suddenly stopped working. I thought at first I broke something about the configuration (because that’s what I was fussing with …

Can we clean the oceans?

An interesting feasibility study is raising money to see if the designer’s approach could actually clean the oceans.

That’s me!

This page of “That’s me!” memes is all kinds of win.