Big Marv's How I Did That

A Journal of How I Got Things Up and Running

What I've discovered over the past few years of messing with Linux is that everything you need to know is out there, somewhere, but it often takes a while to find just the right piece or pieces of information you need in order to get things working. What I thought I'd do is make notes on projects that I find myself having trouble with so that 1) I can review these notes later when I find myself having to recreate my efforts, and 2) others can perhaps benefit from the additional information I present here.

Don't laugh at the lack of topics here. I've only begun making a point of taking notes on projects as I work on them.

So here's how I did that...

Embedding Your Google Adsense Ads as Skyscrapers using HTML and CSS

Creating a CVS Repository from Scratch

Keep People from Copying Images from Your Website

TiVo's 30 Second Skip Easter Egg

Assorted TiVo Tricks

Sorting TiVo's "Now Playing" List

Turning Off TiVo's Remote Backlight

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